WordPress Avatar – WPMyAvatar Plugin

Customization and personalization are essential for making your website stand out from the crowd. Gravatar is great for aesthetically linking multiple user accounts together across multiple separate websites. Your users need to set a custom WordPress avatar to really show who they are, and build a community on your site. While there are plenty of plugins that allow for custom avatars not many of them use the WordPress media library. This fact seems like existing plugins reinvent not just the wheel but add security holes and making it more difficult for admins to keep control of the files added to their sites. WPMyAvatar allows for secure file uploading through the WordPress media library. This allows the admins of a site to keep track of what is uploaded and where, but also gives your users the freedom to show their personality.

Wordpress avatar - WPMyAvatar Plugin

WPMyAvatar is a simple plugin that allows for custom wordpress avatars to be uploaded via the WordPress media library and shown anywhere on your site. Not only via shortcode but also with the standard WordPress theme support for avatars. If your theme already uses the standard gravatar profile picture avatar, you don’t need to change a thing! Simply download the plugin below and install through the WordPress plugin upload & install process. Then view the user profile page and select your new awesome WordPress avatar from the media library.

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