Lorem Ipsum Is Out, Enter Tech Biz Ipsum

Skip the boring and get straight to the new Tech Biz Ipsum .

Placeholder text is a constant necessary evil when creating a project from scratch. Even some projects that are based on existing sites will have areas that need “something” just to fill the gaps whilst everyone gets on the same page. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry standard across multiple platforms ( print, books, websites, application dev, etc.) for placeholder/dummy text. But let’s all be honest, it really throws clients sometimes when they can’t see past “that weird spanish text”(actual quote from a client by the way). A great alternative is Office Ipsum with a collection of the usual buzz words heard in meetings and project discussions from the tech industry.

My only issue is that Office Ipsum doesn’t actually make sense, so enter my own version of Office Ipsum. Tech Biz Ipsum is based on all of the buzz words and project management jargon I could think of, whilst being in actual sentences. Tech Biz Ipsum is two three paragraphs of phrases that sort of make sense, but are actually just fluff to pad out a page. You’ll probably recognise a lot of the phrases and terminology if you’ve been part of or over heard a business plan/project management meeting!

Productivity is key in this ever changing landscape of efficiency. We must remain agile, ready to pivot at any moment, to better capture the market and hone in on our consumer’s needs. The product must be able to stand on it’s own whilst blending with a variety of different use cases, yet suited to almost any task. The platform must be dynamic and integrate across the board, being flexible whilst merging with as many platforms as possible. We must incentivise our customers to pull the trigger and dig deep to provide the best value whilst ensuring the profit margin is sustainable and competitive. With fluctuations in the market our core values must remain steadfast but give us the ability to move quickly on new investments and opportunities, not locking down assets in red tape.

Priorities should lie in the most basic of processes, allowing for exponential growth and increased stability. Projects must be broken into manageable segments that allow for cohesive workflows across disparate teams. Timings of the deliverables will give us a clear roadmap of milestones, which in turn gives us a clear forecast of the projects costings coupled with resource assignment. Minimization of risk should walk hand in hand with project scoping and documentation of change implementation. Restoration and fallback processes will ensure the client gets the maximum benefit of new technologies whilst ensuring the existing architecture remains stable throughout the piloting phase.

Our skillset provides the best possible outcome to the given scenario under the current workflow, this will only increase the productivity of the platform upon installation of the new modules. Seamless integration is paramount to the systems main authentication management across multiple platform streams. We should be prepared for teething issues from the end user when introducing a new medium for which to process repetitive tasks. This can be accounted for in the briefing scope before the start of development commences for the on-ramping wizard. — Tech Biz Ipsum by Glitch IT

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