Development & Project Rates

Development / Support Blocks

You get what you pay for! Getting proper development services on the internet can be a minefield on the other hand getting a full time developer into your office can be a large expense especially if the development work you’ll require is sporadic. Enter developer blocks, prepurchase development time from a reliable and dependable developer, so you’re covered with that major project that needs development work or has gone out of scope.


Hour Blocks

Hour blocks are best for small incremental changes to existing projects or for quick fixes. Need a smooth scroll javascript tweaked? Want a WordPress plugin customised or tweaked for your project? The hourly block is for you! Bulk buy and only use it as you need it. Got a project that you just can’t get to but it’s a quick half hour fix? Use the developer block as you need it in 15 minute chunks!
*Hour blocks can be purchased in 2 hour chunks (2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, etc.)

Buy in 4 hours blocks for $320
(that’s a 20% saving p/hr)

Day Blocks

Often have a backlog for short sprints or find yourself without enough staff during that busy period that always seems to spring up and then disappear just a briefly. Having to bring on staff for short amounts of time can be a nightmare, now with Developer Day blocks you don’t need to worry!
*Day block = 8 hours of work including an hour break. May require scheduling ahead of time due to availability.

Buy 4 day blocks for $1200
(buy 3 days get the 4th free!)

Monthly Plans

Have a monthly overspill of work but not quite enough to pull the trigger on creating a full salary position? Just need an extra set of hands to mop up the odds and ends development on the projects that come in every month? Flexible plans that give you a set amount of hours/days every month that give you the peace of mind and allow you to get on with running your business.

Custom plans tailored to you
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