Image Upload Errors – Graphic Library Switch Plugin

This is an odd issue with some image upload errors that I’ve seen on a few of the web hosts I have encountered whilst creating websites for people. Problems uploading images to the media manager sometimes manifest in an actual error message saying the file is too large which obviously we need to double check and make sure the php settings are correct for both upload_max_filesize and post_max_size, these need to be set to something decent, around 16MB should keep you out of trouble most of the time. Another of the most common image upload issues I’ve seen is the image upload will return a http error but when the media library is refreshed you’ll see that your image uploaded, but there is no thumbnail image and it may have troubles being linked to or embedded in a post.


This is occurs because the image has been uploaded to the server without issue but when WordPress has tried to process the image and generate the thumbnails and other optimized image sizes, something has happened. This is either:

  • the theme is trying to do something funky that is breaking this process
  • a library that is usually installed on a server may be missing/misconfigured from your hosting server, e.g. imagick, and thus the process errors

The easiest and most pain free way to resolve this is to use a plugin that either switches to a built-in library within WordPress or uses third party image conversion software. To get a quick fix to the second most common image upload error download this simple graphic library switcher plugin. It simply switches to using WordPress’ built in image processor over imagick. Download now via button below.


Download Simple Image Library Switcher

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