Glitch IT


Back End Development

Take the hassle out of process headaches or repetitive tasks with a solution tailored specifically to your needs, built from the ground up or based on your framework of choice. Have a system already that needs tweaking or customisation? We’ve got you covered, with numerous hours sifting through code and pre-existing systems,  we can customize almost any system.

Front End Development

We’ll can bring your amazing designs and visuals to life in an interactive and eye catching site. Not only will it  look great but also be compatible with as many devices and platforms as possible. Don’t just wow your visitors, captivate your existing users and boost conversion.


Technology Consultation

The right technological platform to implement your projects or business processes, can be the key difference between success and failure. Adding our technical know-how will help you make the best choices, plus ensure flexibility and longevity for your project or business.